Why you should use a password manager?

Need to Use a Password Manager

Among the many problems related to the Internet, choosing a password comes first. Most people use easy-to-guess passwords like password123, secret, or even 12345678. Hackers love to show such ignorance.

Why you should use a password manager?

A good tip for those who are too lazy to come up with a unique password is to use a password manager. But do you really have to use one? Is it true that everyone needs to use a password manager?

Are password managers safe?

Full. Everything you put into the manager is encrypted and only you have the key to decrypt them. The key itself is generated locally on your device to make sure no one else knows about it.

How can password managers help me?

Besides generating strong passwords, a password manager also helps you fill out forms on websites and apps you trust. This means you are less likely to fall victim to a scam, as password managers will check if websites are legitimate before entering your details.

Password managers will also tell you if a site has been hacked recently so you can weigh the risks and decide whether to trust the site.

Are password managers even necessary? Chrome already saves all my passwords.

Security experts recommend that Internet users start using a password manager. However, the decision is up to you. How well do you want to protect yourself and your various accounts against cyber attacks?

Note that Google Chrome stores passwords as plain text. That’s right. No encryption. Anyone with remote access to your computer can enter your entire password without any problems.

Do password managers get hacked?

Yes, they have. That’s why they encrypt all the information you give them. No soul in the company can see the real password you store on their server. They can see how many passwords you have, to which accounts, and how many passwords you’ve added or removed recently, but that’s about it. Secrets remain a secret to everyone but you.

Do many people use password managers?

No, less than 5% of internet users use a password manager. Most Internet users don’t even know that such a thing exists. Even those familiar with password managers think they can get around without using the service.

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