How to password-protect a PDF file without Adobe Acrobat?

A Guide to Hassle-Free Guide to Password Protect Any PDF File

We may handle PDF files that contain sensitive information. And we (obviously) don’t want our personal data to be in the hands of malicious people.

I guess you sometimes feel the same way.

  • Maybe you’re sending confidential business material;
  • Maybe your PDF consists of personal documents;
  • Perhaps you’re sharing your financial info and tax numbers;
  • Maybe you’re sending an email and your PDF attachment is a proposal to a big client.

This simple guide will tell you How to password-protect a PDF file without Adobe Acrobat?

In all these cases, here’s a quick tip: password protects your PDF documents.
Your PDF content will be encrypted. No person or program can access it without entering the correct password first.

This way random people won’t be able to open and interact with your sensitive PDF details.
At this point, many people think, “Is it expensive?”

No. In fact, you don’t have to pay anything. You can password protect your PDFs for free without having to spend hundreds of dollars on the full Adobe Acrobat program.

How to password-protect a PDF file without Adobe Acrobat

What’s would be the trick?

TIP: It has everything to do with choosing the right tools for the job.

Check out the Protect PDF online. You’ll learn how to protect your PDF document in the blink of an eye. Follow a few steps:

  1.  Upload PDF file(s) to set a password.
  2.  Enter a strong password to lock your PDF document. We’ll let you know if your password is weak, medium, or strong.
  3.  Click “Protect PDF”, wait a few seconds, and your secured files will be ready to download.

Our job is to keep it all simple (and free). We know how frustrating it can be to install new software on your device, especially when apps like Adobe are quite pricey. To make smart decisions, you need to know that you can secure your documents online in seconds – for a hefty price of zero.

Now, here’s one thing people often worry about: SAFETY. How safe is it to download your files online? Here are some facts to (hopefully) reassure you:

  • All files and passwords are transferred using secure SSL connections;
  • All files are deleted permanently after 3 hours;
  • All passwords are deleted as soon as the processing is complete.

Sometimes such password protection will completely suffice. But sometimes you want an extra layer of security. On such occasions, we are on your team (as usual). You can order the PRO version and use advanced features, such as to forbid editing or printing of PDF documents. After you discover how easy it is to lock a PDF, you will keep coming back to this feature.

In the end, it’s your document – your rules. If keeping strangers glued to your personal information doesn’t sound like a good idea, that’s up to you. For anyone who doesn’t like their documents falling into the wrong hands, the Protect PDF solution is a great addition to your toolbox.

Learning how to protect pdf documents doesn’t have to be painful. But don’t take our word for it. Try a PDF password protection solution now: it’s free, without Acrobat, and won’t bother you.

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